Like Everything Else, The Iran Letter Is the Media’s Fault

Tom Cotton
The Associated Press

In the media’s absurd vacuum that sucks all the context, history, and morality out of The Narrative, I’m no fan of Congress involving itself in foreign policy. That is the purview of the president, and has been for good reason since our founding. We do not, however, live in that vacuum. We live in a real world where everything, including the GOP letter to Iran written by Senator Tom Cotton and signed by 46 other Senators, is the media’s fault.

The letter to Iran’s ayatollah, the final decider on any nuclear agreement with that rogue nation (a fact CNN’s Chris Cuomo is ignorant of), was written for two reasons. Both of those reasons were necessary due to a mainstream media that refuses to do its job. The media are supposed to be America’s umpires and truth-tellers. We count on the media to keep the playing field level and to demand and to report crucial information.

The Gang of 47 was forced to act only because the media refused to act.



If it wasn’t for the Iran letter we would not know today that any deal with Iran is indeed non-binding. Iran probably wouldn’t know this. The letter revealed this fact, which in turn resulted in Secretary of State John Kerry finally admitting to it.

These negotiations have been ongoing for years.

The media never told us this.

The media never asked Kerry this.

It took the 47 to bring this crucial fact to light.

Maybe if our media was less interested in forcing Scott Walker to vouch for Obama’s love of America and Jesus, and more interested in the brass tacks of the status of a country run by Islamic lunatics getting its hands on The Bomb, the 47 wouldn’t have to step in in this way to ensure that crucial information is made public.



The full context of the necessity of the Iran Letter also involves an ongoing and not-so-Cold War between the Executive and Legislative Branch; a turf battle, if you will.

This war was started by President Obama, an ineffectual leader who has been forced by his own fecklessness to unilaterally write, rewrite, and ignore laws.

Whether it is ObamaCare, Cuba, or legalizing millions of illegal Democrats, using his phone and pen, Obama has brazenly encroached on what is clearly the sole Constitutional authority of Congress: lawmaking.

And what was the reaction of America’s media umpires to Obama’s serial-violating of the Separation of Powers? Cheers! and Huzzahs!

A mainstream media wildly in love with Executive Power, Obama, and Left-wing policies did the exact opposite of punishing the president for violating his Constitutional authority. Beforehand, the media encouraged it. Afterwards, they demanded more.

According to the media, Obama’s unilateral lawmaking and breaking  wasn’t overstepping his Constitutional authority. No, he was Taking Action.

When the umpires encourage and cheer cheating, and the changing of the rules, what the hell is Congress supposed to do in response? If the referees refuse to make Obama pay a price for violating the separation of powers, the only choice Congress has is to make him pay a price. So….

If Obama is going to write his own laws, Congress has no choice but to encroach on the Executive Branch. If the umpires won’t stop his cheating, Congress has to try and stop his cheating. Hence the speaking invitation to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Iran letter.



The Iran letter is a battle in a righteous war — the war to uphold the Constitutional separation of powers among the three branches of our government. Sorry, media, but that is a higher value than your blindly stupid and oft-repeated goal of Getting Things Done. That is a higher value than Breaking Gridlock. That is a higher value than enacting policy, whether you agree with that policy or not.

Had the media done its job as unbiased, objective umpires and brushed Obama back from the Constitutional plate, the GOP would not have been forced to throw those Netanyahu and Iran Letter pitches.

And they did so, not in the vacuum the media wants to desperately to construct, but in pursuit of a righteous cause that is crucially important to the health of our democracy.

The media’s sudden concern for Constitutional authority is hypocritical and laughable — just more proof they are nothing more than partisan liars.  

Because he can’t lead, Obama is waging a dangerous power grab. The GOP might be fighting fire with fire, but they are still on the side of the angels.

John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC