WaPo: ‘Does John Kerry Have a Brian Williams Problem?’

John Kerry
The Associated Press

Serial embellisher and current Secretary of State John Kerry got the full boat of four Pinnochios from a brutal Washington Post fact check that compares the failed Democrat presidential contender to disgraced NBC News anchor Brian Williams.

Earlier this week, Kerry repeated a lie he has — per the Washington Post — told for years now; that he along with Al Gore and other Democrat Senators “organized the first hearings in the Senate on this, 1988.”

The “this” Kerry refers to is Global Warming or Climate Change or whatever Democrats are calling it today to bamboozle stupid people into giving up their freedom.

That would sound great … if it were true. Not only did Kerry not organize the first hearings, he didn’t even attend them:

Gore might have bragging rights about organizing one of the first hearings, but not Kerry. Kerry was not even a participant in the most important hearing of that time; he simply spoke at a hearing that took place the following year. And yet, like Brian Williams claiming to have come under fire in Iraq, Kerry has repeatedly placed himself at the center of the action—and the narrative.

Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey sums it all up best: “Frankly, with the failure of the computer models and the increasingly religious basis of global-warming claims, why anyone would rush to take credit for this is mystifying.”


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