Columnist: Jerry Brown too ‘Bald, Old…and White’ to Run

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AP/Paul Sakuma

Some Democrats are desperately searching for an alternative to Hillary Clinton, who still leads the polls but has drawn little enthusiasm from the media and the party’s “progressive activists.” Dennis Lennox, an opinion columnist for the Central Michigan Morning Sun, says that California Gov. Jerry Brown is the party’s ultimate fallback option–except for the fact that he is “bald, old (76), and white.” Lennox notes that the Republican candidates are younger and more diverse.

While Democrats’ reserve team includes Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden and Harry Reid, Lennox says, Republicans have a deeper and more interesting bench:

At 44 and 43 respectively, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio are young enough to be Clinton’s sons. Scott Walker, the governor of Wisconsin, is 47. Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky may be of AARP age at 52, but his brand of libertarianism is attractive to many millennials. Even ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush could be seen as a fresh voice, as he is known to think outside the box and challenge GOP orthodoxy.

Then come Bobby Jindal (43), the Louisiana governor, New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez (55) and Gov. Nikki Haley (43) of South Carolina. None of them fit the bald, fat, old, white man stereotype that has plagued Republicans for too long.

Jerry Brown is one answer, Lennox says. However: “For the record, he’s bald, old (76) and white.”