BuzzFeed Assigns 3 Staffers to Collect Oppo on Ted Cruz’s Dad

AP Photo/Molly Riley
AP Photo/Molly Riley

As Ted Cruz announced his 2016 presidential campaign Monday, BuzzFeed had three reporters scour the records for everything and anything they could find to throw at Cruz—that is, Rafael Cruz, Ted’s father.

BuzzFeed reporters Ilan Ben-Meir, Andrew Kaczynski, and Megan Apper just can’t seem to get enough of the Texas senator’s dad. Let’s just skip this bit of actual history, although they felt compelled to at least give it a passing nod: “The story of Rafael Cruz — growing up in Cuba, joining a revolution to overthrow Batista at age 17, jailed and tortured, and fleeing to the United States — has been an integral part of the Texas senator’s political story.” Let’s get to the real story, shall we?

Unfortunately, BuzzFeed never really does. Why do that when a simple, silly, and insanely long list will do?

 The 68 Most Controversial Things Ted Cruz’s Dad Has Ever Said

And with that, BuzzFeed was off and flailing with any and every quote they could find to keep a good little millennial voter up at night with nightmares of a—shocker—conservative pastor. For instance:

Cruz has said Fidel Castro used the rhetoric of “hope and change.”

Perhaps Rafael Cruz’s real thought crime is attacking their dear leader in the White House? It’s a thought, anyway—and more than what’s to be found at the heart of BuzzFeed’s latest nonsense on Cruz’s father.