David Brooks: God Parted the Dead Sea

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New York Times columnist David Brooks, who views himself as something of an expert on history, having defended Barack Obama’s anti-Christian remarks at the National Prayer breakfast this year in which Obama chided Christians for criticizing Muslim violence by citing the Spanish Inquisition of 500 years ago, made a slight mistake in his column revolving around Passover published on Friday. Brooks wrote in his column, titled, “On Conquering Fear:”

After the plagues, Pharaoh is compelled to accept the truth of the story that Moses has been telling about his people. The Israelites are now strong enough to make the leap from bondage.

The nature of that leap is illustrated by an incident that takes place at the start. The normal version of this episode is that God parts the Dead Sea.


The Times later added a note: “An earlier version of this column misidentified the sea that God parted in the Book of Exodus. It is the Red Sea, not the Dead Sea.”

 At least the Times didn’t substitute Barack Obama for God.