Vanity Fair: NBC’s Internal Brian Williams’ Investigation ‘Compiled a Number of Other’ Fabrications


According to an extensive Vanity Fair article looking at the trials and tribulations of NBC News, the ongoing internal investigation of suspended-NBC News anchor Brian Williams has resulted in the discovery of a “number of incidents” that “paint a portrait of Williams as a man who has consistently burnished his stories.”

Williams is currently on a 6 month suspension for fabricating a story about being on a helicopter in Iraq that was shot down by enemy fire. Despite the fact he was on a chopper more than an hour away and never in any danger, Williams told the story of being hit by enemy fire many times over the years.

Once this fabrication was discovered, the Internet went to work and uncovered numerous other alleged acts of fabulism by the most-watched news anchor in America.

A recent change in executives within NBC News has given Williams additional hope that he might get his chair back after the suspension. According to numerous reports, because the two are friends going back to his first tenure there, the reinstatement of Andy Lack as the man in charge of NBC News bodes well for Williams.

Nevertheless, should the NBC News internal investigation confirm that Williams is a man who “has consistently burnished his stories,” it is very hard to imagine returning him to the anchor chair will result in anything more than another black eye for the network.

But this is NBC News after all, an institution that fabricates evidence in criminal investigations, fabricates evidence against the Tea Party, fabricates gaffes against Republicans, hires known homophobe Alec Baldwin, and a host of other  sins. NBC News is an arm of the Democrat Party and a protector of central government. It is not a news entity and does not see itself as a news entity.

If bringing Williams back will aid in the fight to empower the federal government and further the cause of those like Hillary Clinton who believe in that fight, he will return.

If NBC News was interested in its credibility as a news organization, it would stop lying, stop protecting Obama, stop protecting government power, and start reporting instead of always pushing left-wing narratives.

NBC News is a political operation, not a news organization. Bringing back a battered Williams would only hasten its demise, and the death of NBS News would be a boon to our democracy unlike most anything else.


John Nolte on Twitter @NolteNC