Ratings: CNN Has Fewer Primetime Viewers Than MSNBC Titanic


We keep hearing about this awesome CNN comeback. The truth, though is that if you cherry-pick certain numbers and use them to compare yourself to The MSNBC Titanic, you can probably fool a few willing dupes into championing your comeback narrative. On the serious question of how many actual people are tuning into CNN during the all-important primetime hours, CNN again lost to The MSNBC Titanic last week:

Thursday: (in thousands)

Primetime: FNC: 1.708 | CNN: 606 | MSNBC: 635 | HLN: 370


Primetime: FNC: 1.954 | CNN: 563 | MSNBC: 656 | HLN: 364


Primetime: FNC: 1.925 I CNN: 614 l MSNBC: 644 l HLN: 164


Primetime: FNC: 1.778 | CNN: 342 | MSNBC: 471 | HLN: 220

CNN Chief Jeff Zucker has turned CNN into a Hate Network, and fewer people are watching it than they are MSNBC during primetime.

Sure, Zucker has improved the 25-54 age demo, so he’s able to charge more for ads, but pleasing advertisers isn’t the same as influencing the masses.

This is no fluke, either. The Hate Network lost to MSNBC last week.


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