Media Ignore Clinton Pressure, Investigate ‘Clinton Cash’

Hillary Rodham Clinton
The Associated Press

Clinton Cash has gained steam ahead of its release — a large number of mainstream media outlets are treating the book seriously and this isn’t sitting well with Hillary devotees.

The blockbusting allegations by author Peter Schweizer raises questions as to whether Hillary gave foreign governments favors for cash donations while she was Secretary of State. These questions have shocked the media establishment, but that shock quickly gave way to a serious desire to investigate the charges.

Hillary’s surrogates have been desperate to paint author Schweizer as a right-wing crank or some GOP operative bought-and-paid for. The tone was set early by Clinton flack John Podesta who tried to dismiss Schweizer during a visit to the Charlie Rose show.

Others in the media are also trying to kill the book before it is even released. Following along with Podest’a Clinton-approved script, Charles P. Pierce of Esquire did his level best to smear Peter Schweizer as a GOP hack.

Schweizer, Pierce insists, is a “creature of the well-funded ideological terrarium of the modern conservative movement.” The Esquire columnist then denigrates Schweizer’s past work, the places where he’s worked, and goes on to claim that the upcoming book that has all of Washington talking “starts in something of a hole, credibility-wise.”

Pierce continues on that the book lacks credibility and charges that the media outlets treating the book seriously are failing to do their journalistic duty.

These talking points are all the same lines that Clinton campaign capo Podesta is promulgating.

But a growing number of media outlets are certainly not laughing at Clinton Cash. As Breitbart News noted, not every media outlet is toeing the Clinton line.

In its first report, The New York Times took a serious tone on the allegations contained in the book. Left-wing outlets like the website Think Progress, and The Huffington Post took a sober look at the charges.

Even left-wing Slate asked team Clinton if the allegations are so laughable, why is Clinton so scared of it all?

Thus far, Team Clinton is having difficulty spinning the response to Clinton Cash.

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