Washington Post Columnist Ignores National Anthem to Play with Phone


Helena Andrews, who pens an online column for the Washington Post called the Reliable Source, was videotaped ignoring the national anthem at Saturday’s annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner while she played with her phone. She was blasted on Twitter after her narcissistic faux pas aired on CNN. She likewise raged on Twitter:

Some of the rapid-fire criticism of Andrews included: “Wonder if the Girl Texting @CNN During the NationalAnthem #WHCD was in sync with the Music… Put the Phones Away for the Night … Smh.”

“Disrespectful & incredibly stupid to play on cell during anthem in front of president #WHCD.”

“I understand you were doing your job but when the national anthem starts you stop what you are doing and show some respect.”

Andrews, paying homage to the narcissist-in-chief, tweeted:

Not that Andrews is that narcissistic. Really, guys: