Huffington Post: George Stephanopoulos Deserves Same Punishment as Brian Williams


From Denny Dressman writing at the Huffington Post:

Today’s question before the court (of public opinion) involves network news anchors Brian Williams and George Stephanopoulos.

Is one’s crime against media credibility and public trust worse than the other’s?

Williams embellished (many would say lied about) the extent of his personal involvement in the coverage of major news events, most notably combat in Iraq. For these sins, Williams was suspended by NBC for six months without pay, and his future cast in doubt.

His actions seriously damaged media credibility at a time when the decline of daily newspapers adds greatly to the importance of network and cable television serving the public reliably. It’s about trust.

Now comes Stephanopoulos, his unreported support of the Clinton Foundation (and participation in numerous Clinton Global Initiative programs), and his partisan grilling of Peter Schweizer, author of the book Clinton Cash. Stephanopoulos so far has been allowed to apologize but remain on the air at ABC.

Is his damage to media credibility at this critical time somehow less? Is trust any less an issue here?

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