Open Your Eyes To Terror: Israel Mocks Foreign Journalists’ Bias With ‘South Park’ Style Animation


Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday released a short ‘South Park’ style video that mocks the way foreign journalists covered last summer’s conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The 50 second clip (see below) shows a series of everyday scenes in Gaza being reported incorrectly by a hapless television news reporter.

After the journalist misreports the presence of terrorists, underground supply tunnels and Palestine’s “liberal and pluralistic” society where “Hamas allows everyone to live in dignity”, the cartoon concludes when reality dawns on the journalist after he is presented with glasses and told “open your eyes, terror rules Gaza.”

The Washington Post reports that Uri Resnick, a spokesman for Israel’s foreign minister, said the animated video was “meant to expose the irony of how Gaza is portrayed” by the world’s media. Asked if it was intended to be a poke at foreign reporters, he replied “I don’t think it is meant to be an insult at all.”

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