Without Riots, CNN Primetime Slips to Third Place Behind MSNBC

zucker_cnn_rect (1)

Other than the political benefits for central planning-Democrats that come from civil unrest in America’s inner-cities, another reason CNN president Jeff Zucker has turned his cable news network into a relentless hate machine is simple greed — the power and money that comes from increased ratings.

There is no questions that CNN’s dishonest but ongoing smear campaigns against Christians, conservatives and the police have stolen left-of-center viewers from MSNBC. The two left-wing networks share a very small piece of viewer pie, and when CNN is ginning up hate and civil unrest, CNN usually wins a larger piece of that pie than MSNBC.

Alternately, when CNN cannot find something cynical to exploit, MSNBC picks up a bigger piece of that pie. As an example, last week, June 8 through June 12, other than Thursday evening, MSNBC earned more primetime viewers than CNN — sometimes by a very large margin.


Primetime: FNC: 1.867 | CNN: 522 | MSNBC: 685 | HLN: 293


Primetime: FNC: 1.773 | CNN: 486 | MSNBC: 642 | HLN: 310


Primetime: FNC: 1.830 | CNN: 495 | MSNBC: 659 | HLN: 320


Primetime: FNC: 1.892 | CNN: 684 | MSNBC: 501 | HLN: 320


Primetime: FNC: 1.535 | CNN: 463 | MSNBC: 534 | HLN: 134

If Zucker was only about ratings, he would go after Fox News viewers — a much bigger pie.

Zucker’s anarchist agenda obviously come first.

America should tremble when CNN slips into third place behind MSNBC. There is nothing Jeff Zucker and company won’t do to reverse that. And the people who should worry  most are America’s most vulnerable — the predominantly black, working class poor in America’s Democrat-run cities.

Be afraid.

Be very afraid.


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