Piers Morgan: White People Who Use N-Word Should Be Jailed


Piers Morgan displaying his fascist streak?

Piers Morgan troll-whoring in his increasingly desperate bids for attention now that his career is in the toilet and he’s an international joke?

Certainly a mixture of both:

Piers Morgan is a sad, sad little man.

Like most leftists, Morgan doesn’t want people jailed for hurling a racial slur, what he really wants is people jailed for defying the Left.

Liberals use the word “nigger” all the time. In fact, the only time I’ve heard the words “nigger” or “fag” since high school have been out of the mouths of leftists. Alec Baldwin, etc. Leftists are about control, not ending racism. Leftists like Morgan use racism as a means of control. The Left lovse racism. It is crucial to their power base.

Why do you think Barack Obama was comfortable launching his political career in the living room of a man he knew was a race war terrorist?



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