‘Sports Illustrated’ Mocks Injured POW John McCain For Dropping Foul Ball


Republican Senator John McCain spent more than five years in a North Vietnamese prison camp, where he was denied medical treatment and routinely tortured. As a result, McCain is unable to lift his arms. This fact did not stop Sports Illustrated from mocking the former-Republican presidential nominee (who turns 79 next month) for failing to catch a foul ball at Tuesday night’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks:


In the story advertised by the tweet, SI writes, “Still, this photo from Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo does not make the former presidential candidate look particularly athletic.”


Translation: Look at the stupid Republican war hero with the crippled arms who can’t catch a baseball!

After facing complaints on Twitter, SI pulled the tweet, and without noting the update, edited out the mockery in its story.

Nothing is sacred to the Left, not even war heroes. To them, McCain is just the evil white conservative who dared stand in the way of Barack Obama.


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