Huffington Post Ignores Fury over SF Sanctuary City Status


The Huffington Post is studiously avoiding headlining the top news of the infamous murder committed in San Francisco committed by an illegal immigrant living there because it was a “sanctuary city.”

Despite the fact that Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, a five-time deportee and seven-time convicted felon, confessed he lived in San Francisco because the city would not release him to ICE, and the resultant public fury over his brual murder of 32-year-old Katie Steinle, the headlines on HuffPo were highlighted by numerous other stories, with nary a mention of Lopez-Sanchez.

HuffPo headlined the economic failure of Greece at the top of its page, which could be excused as a story of moment, but what is certainly inexcusable is what is listed directly underneath, under “More crime.”


Instead of any mention of the mushrooming incendiary reaction to the murder and San Francisco’s sanctuary status which allowed it, HuffPo listed these compelling stories:

  1. An “On-air mugging.”
  2. A killer sturgeon which killed a five-year-old in Florida by jumping into the boat.
  3. A small-town serial killer.
  4. A helicopter crash.
  5. A courtroom reunion.

What HuffPo did cover, albeit off the front-page, was Lopes-Sanchez’s claim that the gun he used in the murder accidentally went off. In another story, HuffPo astonishingly claimed, “The shooting has turned into a high-profile case because of its apparently random nature in a busy section of the city.”