Study Proves Koch-Addicted Media Are Big Fat Liars About Outside Money In Politics

Mark Lennihan/AP

As we all remember, the media completely freaked out after the Supreme Court decided Citizens United in favor of free speech. Taking aim primarily at the right-leaning Koch Brothers, the media posed as defenders of democracy against the corrupting influence of outside money in politics. As usual, the facts prove that the media are big fat liars.

Although legions of left-wing corporations like NBC News, Politico, MSNBC, CNN, CBS News, ABC News, The Washington Post, LA Times, NPR, PBS, Univision, Comedy Central, MTV, HBO, and ESPN spend billions of dollars pushing a political agenda 24/7, the left-wing media want a monopoly on free speech. The media believe only left-wing media corporations should be allowed to spend unlimited sums of corporate money to advance a political agenda.

This means, of course, that the Koch brothers must be relentlessly Alinsky’d by the media into Public Enemy Number One — into the very symbol of everything that is wrong with outside money in politics.

How big of a lie is this attack?

So big that the Koch brothers only rank 59th in campaign contributions, with a measly $18 million, which is about half of what NBC News paid Brian Williams to attack President George W. Bush with lies about Hurricane Katrina.

Not only that, if you look at the list top donors on this list, as Gateway Pundit reports, the Kochs are behind 18 different unions (and yes, unions are corporate donors using corporate dollars).

And guess who benefits from the $620 million in outside corporate dollars from these unions? Democrats, of course, which is why the media only complains about a drop-in-a-bucket of $18 million in corporate dollars coming from the likes of Koch Industries and says nothing about the $620 million coming from unions.

And I can assure you that that $620 million is only a drop in the bucket compared to the billions in corporate dollars spent by left-wing multinationals through their media companies to affect the outcome of legislation and elections.


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