Nicolle Wallace Fired From ‘View’ After One Disastrous Season


Nicolle Wallace, the Republican strategist who earned a modicum of name recognition thanks to her mercenary willingness to back-stab conservatives (especially Sarah Palin) to the delight of the mainstream media, has again failed spectacularly (see: 2008, McCain), this time as co-host of “The View.” After one disastrous season, the hideous Wallace has finally been fired.

Thanks in large part to Wallace’s oftentimes clueless but always mean-girl presence, ratings for the “The View” have collapsed by double digits, a full 16%.

For some bubbled reason, “View” producers believed they could increase audience share by advertising Wallace as a conservative to conservatives who see her only as a sell-out back-stabber.

If we’ve learned anything about our entertainment/media overlords, though, it is that people like Nicolle Wallace (meaning, people nobody but elites like) are always allowed to fail upwards.

At least until they end up hosting an obscure Internet show at Yahoo.


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