Roger Stone: Trump ‘Greatest Interest Is In Defeating Hillary’ in Thursday Debate

San Diego, CA

Roger Stone, long time political operative and an advisor to 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump, gave a preview of what to expect of Trump in Thursday’s Fox News Presidential debate, as Stone joined Matthew Boyle on the Breitbart News Sunday radio program.

Trump continues to lead strongly in polling and easily came out number one in the lineup for the Fox News debate.

Stone, who played a key role in campaigns for former Presidents Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon, said Trump is expected to focus on Democrat Presidential contender Hillary Clinton, but will likely respond if attacked by the other nine Republican candidates on the stage.

Asked why Donald Trump is resonating across the country, Stone said, “He’s challenging the established order, Matt. He’s the anti-system candidate. The system’s broken. Career politicians sound great, they’ll tell you anything you want to hear, but nothing changes.”

Trump is independent from special interests, lobbyists, and cultural corruption,. Stone remarked. He provides straight talk on immigration, John McCain, the incredible abuse of veterans in America, boosting economic opportunity and jobs; he’s “resonating with people.” Stone went on:

He’s ignited a movement, this isn’t about Trump, it’s about reform, it’s about destroying a corrupt system. Republicans say ‘oh Donald you’ve given to Republicans and Democrats.’ He says absolutely, because the system’s rigged, because I would be a fool, I would be stupid not to play the system. Everything you want in Washington can be bought. The people who gave Jeb Bush a hundred million dollars, mostly Wall Street, do you think that money has no strings? You think those people won’t be asking for things? Only Trump has the guts and the sense to clean up the system. That’s why he’s resonating.

Stone said Trump is not coached or scripted and looking forward to the debate he is likely to focus on going after Hillary. “Donald Trump’s greatest interest is in defeating Hillary Clinton.”

“I don’t think he wants to attack others, he’s going to keep his focus on creating a positive vision for the country. Matt, the country needs an economic boom, it needs jobs.”

Boyle reviewed Trump’s skyrocketing polling position, commenting that attacks from other candidates such as Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, and Jeb Bush have followed with their own drop in the polls.

It’s Donald Trump versus the career politicians, Stone remarked.

Boyle, referring to Stone as an expert in Florida politics, asked his position on the state’s former Governor Jeb Bush and his 2016 candidacy for President.

Stone responded, “Jeb Bush says he’s going to go to Washington to pick on the pampered elite, but he is the pampered elite,” said Stone. “He’s the status quo candidate.” Stone said his policies mimic Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton on policies including endless war, erosion of civil liberties, endless spending,and crony capitalism.

“Bush equals Clinton, exactly the same when it comes to public policy, but he’s adept at posing as a conservative,” Stone finished.

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