Associated Press Runs Interference for Hillary Over Email Violations

Hillary Clinton
Yuri Gripas/Reuters

On Friday, after government investigators reported that Hillary Clinton actually did send classified security information over her private email server despite her adamant claims that she never did, the Associated Press rushed out a “report” that excuses Clinton for violating federal rules and for lying about doing it.

Right at the outset of its August 14 report, the AP excuses Clinton’s violation of national security by claiming that none of the info Clinton sent “would jump out to experts as particularly sensitive.”

The AP insisted that one of Hillary’s emails that contained classified material only talked of a drone strike that was “part of a covert program”–meaning it is supposed to be secret–but the AP dismisses Hillary’s email as mentioning a program that is “widely known and discussed.”

Apparently the AP feels that because others have talked about it, that excuses the Secretary of State from breaking security protocols and joining in the conversation.

Additionally, the AP dismissed Hillary’s second email that “improperly referred to highly classified material” merely because that material might be “collected independently.”

So, the AP feels that “improperly referring to highly classified material” is OK to do if someone might also be able to find that info elsewhere.

These are very weak excuses, but the AP doles them out earnestly in order to excuse Hillary’s breach of national security.

The AP also did not properly stress the fact that the two Hillary emails containing classified info were only a random sampling of over 30,000 email messages, meaning that these two are not necessarily the only emails with classified material. The truth is there could be any number of others.

Investigators now have at least two emails that Hillary sent containing classified information, emails they found in a random search of only 40 of the large number of emails sent. But there may be others. We just don’t know, because there are 30,000 emails to go through.

Yet, even as the AP dismisses the two emails, buried down in the story is the fact that the CIA insiders who leaked this information to the AP wouldn’t reveal the full extent of the emails “because of ongoing questions about classification level.”

If the emails were so innocuous, one wonders why the CIA insiders were so reticent to discuss the contents of the messages?

This report seems meant as cover for Hillary as opposed to covering news.

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