Groveling In Kenya: CNN Pays Price For Trying to Turn Obama Into Superhero


When President Obama visited the African country of Kenya last month, left-wing CNN went full hagiography, going so far as to send shameless Obama-groupie, Brooke Baldwin, over with a pair of pom-poms and her own camera unit. In trying to make Obama look like a superhero, though, CNN finally went too far when it smeared an entire country. Now the pro-Obama network is groveling to contain the blowback.

CNN, a cable news network already under scrutiny over charges of internal racism and its role in fomenting race riots, once again stepped on a rake, this time in a painfully obvious attempt to distract from the fact that Obama’s July trip to Kenya was yet another stop on the president’s endless journey of self-exploration. This one paid for by taxpayers. To make the president look brave and courageous, CNN repeatedly and falsely described Kenya as a “hotbed of terror.”

Yes, you read that correctly: the same network that spent months smearing Donald Trump as a racist because he dared speak the truth about the horrific problems associated with illegal immigration, smeared an entire African country as a hotbed of terrorism.

At first, CNN told Breitbart News that no apology to Kenya would be forthcoming. As far as apologizing where a responsible news outlet would — over the same airwaves where the smear occurred — that has remained true. Behind the scenes, however, CNN is groveling in person:

But the Kenyan government took a more serious approach towards reprimanding CNN. Two weeks ago, the Kenyan Tourism Board, a state agency whose mission is to drive and support the effective marketing of Kenya’s tourism products, said it was withdrawing advertising from the network in reaction to the “misrepresentation of the country’s status.”

But on Thursday, Tony Maddox, CNN’s global Executive Vice President and Managing Director, who oversees CNN’s global editorial policy, flew all the way from Atlanta to Nairobi to personally apologize to President Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans.

Maddox admitted that the “hotbed of terror” description was a lie. “[W]e know what a hotbed of terror looks like, and Kenya isn’t one,” Maddox confessed.

If only CNN had the moral courage to apologize to their misled viewers.


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