UPDATE: BuzzFeed Takes Money From Donald Trump’s Competitors


Earlier this month Breitbart News reported that the left-wing website BuzzFeed (that identifies as objective) has a financial relationship with Marriot International, one of Donald Trump’s top rivals in the hotel business.

Combined with the numerous pay-for-play allegations swarming around BuzzFeed and the left-wing site’s relentless anti-Trump campaigning, concerns have been raised about a potential pay-for-play relationship between BuzzFeed and Marriott.

Thus far, BuzzFeed editor-in-chief has refused comment.

Since the publication of the Breitbart News report, BuzzFeed’s anti-Trump rampage has only increased. BuzzFeed reporter Andrew Kaczynski (who identifies as objective) has published 11 reports on Trump. Most of them negative or meant to embarrass the billionaire businessman:

Here’s Donald Trump Dressed As A Farmer Singing “Green Acres” Because Sure, Why Not?

Donald Trump Uses Same Explanation For His Abortion Flip-Flop As Mitt Romney

Rand Paul Does An Impression Of Donald Trump

Trump Mocks Warren’s Native American Heritage Claim, But Falsely Claimed His Family Was Swedish

Trump Spox Deletes Pro-Gun Control, Undocumented Immigrant Defending Twitter Account

Donald Trump Fabricated A Near-Death Experience, Three Biographies Say

In this same time-frame, the unbiased, objective Kaczynski has written 30 articles about the GOP field (this includes Trump) and only 2 articles critical of Hillary Clinton.

Kaczynski also published a poll asking if video shows a Republican Congresswoman eating a booger.

Kaczynski’s ratio of hit pieces against the GOP versus Democrats is actually worsening. Back in 2014, it was only 16 to 4.


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