NBC Latino Contributor: Jorge Ramos Made Him ‘Uncomfortable,’ Could’ve ‘Handled Situation Better’

Donald Trump
The Associated Press

Even an NBC Latino contributor who believes Donald Trump is “xenophobic” conceded that Jorge Ramos’s flamboyant activism on Tuesday evening in which he cut in line and tried to take over Donald Trump’s press conference made him “uncomfortable.”

Juan Castillo wrote in NBC Latino that Ramos “could have handled the situation better” and though “Ramos has every right to speak up,” the activist “looked more like a man who knew the answers before even posing the questions, declaring that Trump could not deport 11 million people and could not build a fence along the entire U.S.-Mexican border.”

“Ramos has called Trump’s attacks on Mexico and Mexican immigration ‘personal,’ and at least initially Tuesday, he looked like a man offering opinions and ready for a confrontation,” Castillo continued. “I respect Ramos and greatly admire the courage of his convictions, but at times I’m slightly uncomfortable with his advocacy journalism, however well-meaning it may be. He could have handled the situation better.”

Ramos was allowed back into the room on Tuesday evening in Iowa, and Trump engaged him for nearly seven minutes in an immigration debate, and the exchange made Trump look strong.

In many ways, Ramos showed he was no different than the “Black Lives Matter” agitators who have been disrupting events in which Democratic presidential candidates have appeared. Trump has blasted former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for showing weakness in allowing the “Black Lives Matter” agitators to take over their events and then apologizing to them.

Trump slammed O’Malley for apologizing “like a little baby, like a disgusting, little weak, pathetic baby, and that’s the problem with our country.”

Trump has also criticized Sanders for being weak in letting “Black Lives Matter” agitators take over his microphone.

“I would never give up my microphone. I thought that was disgusting. That showed such weakness, the way he was taken away by two young women–the microphone; they just took the whole place over,” Trump said of Sanders. “That will never happen with me. I don’t know if I’ll do the fighting myself or if other people will, but that was a disgrace. I felt badly for him. But it showed that he’s weak.”

In not letting Ramos take over his press conference, Trump exhibited strength and showed that he was a man of his word in not letting agitators disrupt his press conferences. Even liberal CNN host Don Lemon said the way Trump handled Ramos reminded him of Reagan’s iconic and legendary “I paid for this microphone” moment in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Meanwhile, to those outside of the mainstream media bubble, Ramos exhibited the worst traits of the “Black Lives Matter” agitators and narcissistic mainstream media reporters who try to make every story and campaign event all about them.