Glenn Beck Fires Back at Breitbart News: You Turned My Words ‘into Something Ugly’

Glenn Beck
AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Glenn Beck responded on his Facebook page this evening to a straight Breitbart News story quoting extensively from his recent interview with Ginni Thomas in The Daily Caller. The radio talk show host accused Breitbart News of using the article, which quoted his words verbatim, to “turn [his interview] into something ugly.” 

From Facebook:

Breitbart news. Are you this petty? Are you void of anything decent?

Answer: no. Just like last week when I said something stupid that I regretted, you have done the same.

How could you say “in his own words” and then make up a quote from me?

Those are your words not mine.

Let’s focus on these words: never again – is now

I spoke of the audience and Americans from all across the country that actually want to do something just. I spoke of an effort to actually do something heroic and save the lives of the most vulnerable.

You tried to take an interview with The wife of one of the bravest men in Government Clarence Thomas – an interview with woman who has guts, determination and courage far beyond anything I will ever posses – and turn it into something ugly.

How can we survive if even those who should see things in a similar fashion (not agree on every point but at least on the big moral items of our day) lie and distort for some petty goal of tearing someone down that they don’t like?

I have taken the lies about me from Breitbart media for many years because quite frankly, it is beneath both of us to fight when our country is in this much trouble.

It still is beneath us. Say what you want about me. Call me names, lie, distort or make things up, but in the end, the only one that is really hurt is the one that is hoping that we will concentrate on what is really happening in our world and not a petty fight about us.

People are dying. Children are afraid and in hiding because their father was crucified or their sister was taken as a sex slave. This happened TODAY.

Maybe they watched people being shot in the street just for believing in Jesus Christ. This is not distant but real and they cry out for someone to hear them, speak for them, help them and tell their story.

This is about them. Not me and certainly not about a really sad headline.

There are many things we can disagree on. There are times that we can even challenge each other as fellow broadcasters and argue over approach.

But to smear someone and knowingly lie by changing the words in a clear quote is beneath those who deserve to have their story heard.

If we all worked as hard to save children as we do to take down the other American we would change the world.

To all of those who work at Breitbart that may have a problem with me for one reason or another, I invite you to my studios to sit down and have an off the record (or if you prefer on the record) discussion. I will welcome you, listen to you and discuss anything that you feel is important so we can move past this.

I will gladly take responsibility for everything that you believe I have done wrong to hurt you. I personally apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

I do not ask you for anything in return except perhaps an opportunity to support you in anything that you are doing to help those who are at risk of dying.

Let’s use this moment for something good. You don’t have to agree with me or even like me, but our nation and the western way of life is in trouble.

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