GOP Debate: Ann Coulter Tweets: “How Many F-ing Jews” Are GOPs Pandering To?

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Conservative author and columnist Ann Coulter ignited a social media firestorm Wednesday evening when she tweeted about “f—ing Jews” during the GOP debate, mocking the candidates’ focus on Israel.

In context, Coulter’s tweet was a criticism of candidates’ pandering on issues where few votes were at stake.

Still, Coulter’s tweet triggered a wave of criticism–including from this author.

Some of the criticism strove to link Coulter to GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, whose views on immigration are close to Coulter’s. Trump’s daughter is Jewish.

Others attempted to rally support for Coulter–including antisemitic trolls, who chose to celebrate views from which Coulter had clearly dissociated herself.

The hashtag “#IStandWithAnn” attracted those of like mind, who soon came in for some mockery of their own.

In her own defense, Coulter also referenced her latest column, which attacks the GOP for pandering on other issues.