Ratings: Trump Debate Papers Over CNN’s -16% Primetime Demo Collapse


In  its monthly ratings report, leftwing cable news network CNN is juicing its stats to tout a huge increase in its  primetime viewership, when the truth is that in the 25-54 demo, when compared to October of last year, per CNN Commentary, the cable news network is down a whopping -16%.

To artificially inflate its numbers, CNN is, understandably, adding in a massive outlier — the record ratings CNN enjoyed October 13 when hosting the second Republican presidential primary debate. Once that outlier is removed, CNN is actually down in the all-important demo. Total viewers, a huge weak spot for CNN (MSNBC sometimes doubles CNN in total primetime viewers), only increased +8%.

Technically CNN is correct that it enjoyed a +101% total viewer bump and +59% demo increase during primetime,. But in reality, just as the presidential race is heating up, CNN is slipping in the demo and only nominally increasing its horrible total primetime viewership.

CNN Commentary did the math and concluded:

So, while the debate ratings were great and boosted CNN’s primetime viewership, it also offered up an unrealistic picture of how CNN is doing. The network is showing growth in total viewership, but is down in the demographic.

CNN’s unrelenting left-wing biases and non-stop hate campaigns against police officers is undoubtedly taking a toll on the ratings. And it was only a matter of time. The network is becoming increasingly shrill, hate-driven, and plain unwatchable.

As the 2016 campaign heats up, the low-rated CNN should be increasing viewership, not cratering by double digits in the demo. Good heavens, even MSNBC was up in October:

…up +26 percent in total day viewing and up +26% in prime time, among total viewers. The A25-54 demo growth was smaller: +4 percent for total day and +6 percent in prime time. MSNBC finished 3rd among total

Fox News dipped in demo viewers but climbed in total viewers. But the network is so dominant that’s hardly a concern.

CNN desperately needs to grow and it is dying in total viewers and going backwards in demo viewers, and doing so just when the news business should be heating up.

In worse news for CNN, during October, “New Day” lost its 15th month crown. It was always a sorry 2nd place crown, but it was at least something.


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