Ben Carson, China and Syria: The DC Media Lied To You — Again

Ben Carson
The Associated Press

During Tuesday’s absolutely superb Republican presidential debate, front-runner Ben Carson was asked about the unraveling situation in Syria and said the following, “We also must recognize that it’s a very complex place. You know, the Chinese are there, as well as the Russians, and you have all kinds of factions there.”

In response, and once again in the hopes of taking down the man who they see as a Black Apostate to the left-wing cause, the DC Media immediately used those 29 words to craft a kill-shot.

For days afterwards, with pen and microphone taking the place of torch and pitchfork, the DC Media dishonestly acted as though the retired neurosurgeon had said “Gravity isn’t real, water isn’t wet, and the sky is not blue.”

The subtext was hardly that: Carson is crazy! Carson is an idiot! Carson is a liar! The black who threatens the Jenga Tower of the Democrat coalition cannot be taken seriously!

For two consecutive mornings on “Morning Joe,” Mika Brzezinski and her panel of DC elites spent at least a half-hour openly laughing at Carson, questioning his sanity, honesty, and intelligence. There were some guys on the panel, but it was still club of Mean Girls.  And throughout the rest of the DC Media, for three entire days, we saw some variation of the same.

And it was all a DC Media lie, a DC Media con, a coordinated DC Media propaganda attack using a massive lie of omission.

In order to make Carson look like a total and complete idiot who had absolutely no basis in reality for his claim that China has a presence in Syria, here is what the DC Media chose not tell you:

The Diplomat – September 28, 2015: “A look at history proves China’s leading role in arming the Assad regime, thus contributing to today’s civil war.”

Business Insider – April 7, 2015:  “A large amount of the Russian, Iranian, and Chinese ammunition flooding the battle zones were likely looted by ISIS and other jihadists from Syrian military bases.”

Foreign Policy Magazine – October 16, 2015: “While the United States has responded to Putin’s bombing campaign with consternation, China — which maintains close relations with both Russia and Syria — is cheering Putin on from the sidelines. As a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, China has long blocked the UN from taking action on Syria, arguing that intervention could violate Syrian sovereignty — a cardinal sin according to China, which enshrines the inviolability of national sovereignty as the cornerstone of its foreign policy.”

Was Carson’s language imprecise?


Should he have been called on to clarify language that might have led people to believe the Chinese have troops in Syria?


But that’s not what the DC Media did. Because they want to annihilate Carson, the DC Media decided to get together and behave as though Carson had absolutely no basis for his correct belief that Chinese weapons and political influence have further complicated things in Syria.

The extremes to which the racially-motivated DC Media will go to destroy this man know no bounds.


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