Watch CNN Gaffe: UK Launching ‘Terror Attacks’ Against Islamic State

CNN sign
AP Photo/Ric Feld

A​ CNN reporter slipped up ​i​n a report ​on ​a stabbing attack at an ​East London ​subway station ​on Saturday, mistakenly saying that the assault followed UK terror strikes on ISIS in Syria.

CNN reporter Phil Black commented​: “This is the week that Britain has just begun launching terror attacks against ISIS in Syria itself.”  The video has been removed from CNN’s report on the stabbing, ​but can still be viewed on YouTube:

The attack, in which three people were stabbed at Leytonstone tube ​station, is being treated as an act of terrorism by London’s Metropolitan Police.

The CNN gaffe was ​spotted ​by the website​,​ ​which called it a “Freudian slip for the ages​,​” and ended with the sardonic conclusion that the real reason for the attack was “because of Israel’s ‘occupation’ and ‘settlements’.”