HuffPo Home Page Highlights ‘Grand Old Panic’ over Trump’s Rise

Huffington Post Grand Old Panic

Though the left-wing Huffington Post just decided this week to move coverage of Donald Trump from its entertainment section to its news section, coverage of Trump dominated the outlet’s home page on Wednesday. The outlet highlighted the “panic” among the GOP establishment after Trump’s widened his lead over his opponents after proposing a moratorium on Muslims entering the United States.

In the morning, the outlet led with a blaring headline that read: “GRAND OLD PANIC: Trump’s Incendiary Rhetoric Throws GOP Into Chaos…He’s Poison To The Party… But They Can’t Afford to Lose Him.”

The Huffington Post had a minimum of 11 stories below about “Trump Rising Nationally… In Iowa… In New Hampshire” and how party leaders plan to support Trump if he wins the nomination. Other headlines included: “Biden: A Trump Ticket Would Hand Hillary The White House… But So Would An Independent Run.” The left-wing outlet also had these headlines: “DEAR ISLAMOPHOBES: You’re A National Security Threat… White House: Trump Has Disqualified Himself.”

Trump on Tuesday Tweeted a link to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll that he said found that “68% of my supporters would vote for me if I departed the GOP & ran as an independent.” A Reuters poll has Trump leading by 20 percentage points over his closest rivals.

A Bloomberg Politics poll taken on Tuesday found that 64% of Republican primary voters agree with Trump’s plan to put a moratorium on Muslims entering the United States and another 52% said “they strongly support the proposal.” The poll also found that 37% of GOP primary voters said Trump’s proposal “makes them more likely” to support him. A Fox News South Carolina poll released on Wednesday found Trump with a 20-point lead, and Trump’s support increased from 30% to 30% after Trump proposed his Muslim immigration ban.

Last week on the campaign trail, Trump told  his supporters that “we’re driving the Republican establishment crazy” and “they don’t know what to do.”


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