History Suggests The Washington Post Is Lying About That ‘Violent, Racist’ Trump Rally

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The front page of Friday’s left-wing Washington Post is all about smearing Donald Trump’s supporters as Nazis. This is the latest coordinated DC Media attack against the Republican frontrunner. The New York Times sent the flare up Sunday, and now they are all on a partisan quest to sift through a crowd of thousands desperately in search of that .001% who might say or do something offensive (even then the person is probably a left-wing plant).

But if history is any indication the Post and its reporter, Stephanie McFrummen are probably lying about what happened.  Because on no less than three occasions, in service to Barack Obama and his agenda,  the Post has been caught outright lying about Republican crowds.

In 2014, The Washington Post was caught red-handed lying about a conservative crowd’s reaction to a Muslim activist.

In 2008, The Washington Post spread the now-debunked lie that a Palin supporter screamed “Kill him!” in reference to Barack Obama.

In 2010, The Washington Post spread the now-debunked lie that Tea Party protesters hurled racist and homophobic slurs at Democrat lawmakers.

The Washington Post is a left-wing publication staffed with lying, left-wing extremists.

The Post is so eager to destroy Trump, they are already attacking him as “a real danger” and outright publishing campaign strategy memos against him.

No one should believe anything anyone in the DC Media says about Trump supporters. Even if they come up with video, the person is most likely a plant, and probably a plant working directly with the reporter.

Seeding Trump events with left-wing plants, or coordinating with them to define a crowd of thousands with the actions of a single person, is not reporting, it is a Social Justice Warrior tactic. As is lying, and the Washington Post is a proven serial-liar.


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