Washington Post Spins Cartoon Trashing Senator’s Daughters: We Did Ted Cruz a Favor!

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) Announces His Run For President At Liberty University
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The Washington Post is embracing the controversy over Ann Telnaes’s cartoon depicting Ted Cruz’s daughters as monkeys, posting several navel-gazing–but far from contrite–articles to ride the wave of outrage clicks.

Callum Borchers, a blogger for The Fix, insinuates that, if anything, Cruz should thank the Post for helping his campaign:

Media-bashing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was handed a political gift Tuesday night when The Washington Post retracted an editorial cartoon that depicted his two young daughters as monkeys.

Whether you agree with Telnaes’s original reasoning or Hiatt’s overriding rationale, one thing should be obvious to any political observer: This is a win for a candidate who is rising in the polls thanks to support from more conservative Republicans and who has been highly critical of the press — most memorably during the third Republican presidential debate, when he blasted the moderators’ questions as being illustrative of “why the American people don’t trust the media.”

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Another WaPo blog, Comic Riffs, retold the story (framing the pushback against Telnaes as a loss for free speech) and asked readers: “Would you have published it?

IN APRIL, when Post political cartoonist Ann Telnaes was speaking at the Library of Congress, she told a packed room that she objected to red lines being imposed on her work. As a satirist, she said, “I don’t want the tools limited to me.” To surrender your weapons of artistic engagement, she underscored, was “a slippery slope.”

On Tuesday, a red line was drawn for her.

So what’s your view: Would you publish such a cartoon on your editorial pages? 

Comic Riffs welcomes your comments below.

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