Rupert Murdoch: ‘Bulls**t’ to Claim Roger Ailes Is Losing Influence at Fox News


Andrew Nusca at Fortune Magazine interviews Rupert Murdoch about a column from Gabriel Sherman alleging that he has taken on a more active role at Fox News to compensate for a more “absent” Roger Ailes.

From Fortune:

The headline of the article, published to New York’s Daily Intelligencer column on Wednesday, doesn’t mince words: “With Roger Ailes Absent, Fox News Is Drifting — There Isn’t Even a ‘Trump Strategy’

Written by longtime Fox News watcher Gabriel Sherman, the story cites several unnamed sources who say that Roger Ailes, the onetime political consultant who rose to lead the popular network, “has become less visible” to its anchors and producers on a day-to-day basis. In his place? Business magnate Rupert Murdoch, who as founder and CEO of News Corporation has long controlled the network.

Given the reports, are there misunderstandings between how things are balanced between you, your sons, and Roger?

I didn’t read much [of the coverage] to be honest. Things are that—Lachlan is co-executive chairman, actually at both companies. James is chief executive. You know, everybody has to report to both of them. In practice, Roger tends to report to me. But that’s fine with everybody.

Is this all just overblown, the idea that Roger is taking a backseat?

Oh, it’s bulls**t. Absolutely.

Why would people come to that conclusion?

It’s not true. When I go down to him he’s always talking to talent or fixing things or making decisions about debates. He’s, you know, got a great and loyal team but he’s totally involved.

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