Birtherism vs. Murder: In Today’s Media World, Trump’s Ruthlessness Is a Virtue

Republican presidential candidates (L-R) Ohio Gov. John Kasich, Carly Fiorina, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), Ben Carson, Donald Trump, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Jeb Bush, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) are introduced during the CNN presidential debate at The Venetian Las Vegas on December 15, 2015 …
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Republican Donald Trump appeared on “Morning Joe” Tuesday morning, and with most polls showing the billionaire businessman pulling ahead in Iowa, Trump heeded the warning from conservative radio talk show host Mark Levin and pulled his punches against his closest rival Ted Cruz. Oh, wait, no he didn’t. What Trump really did was put on a pair of cleats and stomp on Cruz’s face. And it was glorious.

To plant seeds of doubt in the minds of voters, or at least make them fear a Birther controversy that could damage Cruz in a general election, the Republican frontrunner repeatedly brought up the issue of the Texas Senator’s American citizenship. “If he gets the nomination, day one there is going to be a lawsuit,” Trump warned. “And a lawsuit is going to take years to resolve.”

The Donald was just getting started.

“I think Ted’s a nasty guy. Nobody likes him,” Trump added. “He gets a wacko like this Glenn Beck [to endorse him], who every time I see him is crying. He’s very emotional. I mean, what a mess.” In response to a Cruz campaign ad, Trump blasted, “That’s a lie. Ted Cruz is a liar. … He can’t make a deal with anyone on the Senate floor. He looks like a jerk. … Ted is more strident than Obama. At least some people like Obama, no one likes Ted.”

And when it was all over, Trump dropped the news that he will be receiving a surprise endorsement later today.

Trump’s performance was brutal.

Trump’s performance was ruthless.

Most important of all, Trump’s performance was effective.

Whenever I bring this up on Twitter, Establishment Trump-haters lose what is left of their pitiful minds, but thanks to a the climate created by Obama’s bootlickers in the DC Media, ruthlessness is near the top of my 2016 shopping list.

According to the left-wing Politico, Mark Levin and I are feuding over Trump’s Birther attacks on Cruz.

I admire Mark Levin.

I admire Ted Cruz.

What I really admire, though, is utter ruthlessness in a presidential candidate, most especially in a 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

I didn’t write these rules.

Trump didn’t write these rules.

The DC Media wrote these rules.

In 2012, using surrogates, President Obama accused Mitt Romney of nothing less than murder and not paying his taxes for more than a decade.

It not only doesn’t get more ruthless than that, the DC Media loved and adored these obvious lies.

That is as ruthless as modern politics has ever been, and the DC Media let Obama get away with it. Because the media is nothing more than a branch of the  Democrat National Committee, Obama paid no political price for falsely accusing his opponent of two felonies. And because that apparently wasn’t enough to drag a failed president over the finish line, the DC Media finished Romney off by closing campaign 2012 with a heaping helping of a manufactured Todd Akin Problem.

It’s the DC Media’s world, folks, we’re just living in it. And if we’re going to survive and prevail in this world, we must be ruthless — and Donald Trump checks that box like no other.

When no less than our country was at stake in 2008  John McCain’s willingness to lose like a gentleman to Senator AyersWrightRezkoPleger was no virtue. In 2016, when no less than our country is at stake, losing like a gentleman to the Benghazi-bungling, pervert-enabling, serial-lying, rape-denying, classified info-exposing, foreign money-grubbing, tool of Wall Street Hillary Clinton, is also no virtue.

And yet, the Republican Establishment has already signaled its willingness to do just that — to respect rules created by the media to defeat Republicans, to be crushed (like gentleman) under a relentless wave of Todd Akin-ing.

On top of his ruthlessness, Trump also does something we have not seen in the last two presidential cycles: he attacks Democrats every bit as hard as he attacks his fellow Republicans.

How refreshing would that be for a change?

Although he hasn’t yet accused anyone of a felony, Trump fights like a leftist, fights like Obama, fights in the only way one can if you want to win the White House in a world where the DC Media allows its chosen candidates to falsely accuse another of murder.