Shock-Headline In Washington Post Attack On Trump’s Faith Not Supported By Story


Although Barack Obama spent 20 years in a radical, racialist church with a pastor who asks God to damn America; although Obama is a supporter of the infanticide known as partial-birth abortion, bashes Christianity, and uses ObamaCare as a means to persecute Christians through the power of the state, Obama’s longtime supporters at the Washington Post still write gushing articles about Obama’s Christianity and lash out harshly at those who don’t vouch for the president’s questionable faith.

Obviously, the Washington Post’s “journalistic” standard on not questioning the faith of others, and punishing those who do, does not hold for Republicans. Monday morning, the very day of the Iowa Caucus, The Washington Post ran a sneering article mocking Donald Trump for confusing the Communion plate with the collection plate while attending services Sunday at the nondenominational First Christian Church, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Let’s start with the Washington Post’s headline, which is not supported by the Post’s own story or source, which in this case is the Associated Press.

Donald Trump accidentally put money in the Communion plate at a church in Iowa

Obviously, had Trump laid a bunch of bills on top of Communion wafers, the Body of Christ, that would be a major blunder. If you read the Washington Post story, though, it says nothing about Trump doing anything other than taking the bills out of his pocket at the sight of the Communion plate.

Republican presidential contender Donald Trump has been looking for ways to reach out to evangelical voters before the GOP primaries. On Sunday, the businessman and his wife attended church services at the nondenominational First Christian Church, in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

But when the Communion plates were passed, Trump mistook the silver plates for the offertory, digging out several bills from his pocket, according to the Associated Press. He, his wife and two staffers took Communion, the AP reports.

“I thought it was for offering,” he told staffers with a laugh. He contributed money several minutes later when the offering plates were passed.

The Washington Post headline does not appear to be true.

The AP story used as the Washington Post’s source for the story, also says nothing about “Donald Trump accidentally put[ting] money in the Communion plate.” In fact, the AP source says specifically that Trump was confused “momentarily.”

Trump, momentarily confused, mistook the silver plates circulated around the auditorium and dug several bills out of his pocket.

If the AP’s reporting is accurate, Trump’s error is one I myself would have almost certainly made in his situation (being a visitor in this particular church). As a regular churchgoer for two decades now, my muscle memory is programmed to expect the collection plate before we take Communion. Moreover, only the collection plate is passed around at my church. We walk to the altar to take Communion, which would have probably ensured my confusion.

What we have here is yet another example of the Washington Post revealing itself as a protection racket for Democrats and a smear machine against Republicans.