MSM Mock Clinton Campaign’s Obama ‘Interview’

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Some mainstream media members mocked Hillary Clinton for posting what her campaign claimed was an “interview” with President Barack Obama before their joint appearance in North Carolina on Tuesday.

On her Twitter account, Clinton released an “interview” in which Obama “talks about why Hillary has everything it takes to be president.”

Associated Press reporter Julie Pace Tweeted, “A campaign handout video qualifies as an ‘interview?’ I don’t think so.”

Julie Davis of the New York Times chimed in: “How about ‘endorsement outtake?’”

Sirius XM’s Julie Mason added, “press release of dubious value.”

Bloomberg’s Jennifer Epstein said, “it’s not really an interview when it’s conducted by campaign staff.”

Clinton has been under fire this election cycle for largely avoiding the press and not holding press conferences and having media availabilities like Donald Trump regularly does. Clinton has not held a press conference since December of last year.