Glenn Beck: Ailes ‘Has Become Bill Cosby’

Facebook, Wesley Mann/FOX News via Getty Images

Radio talker and former Fox News host Glenn Beck wrote a blistering indictment of Fox News CEO Roger Ailes, comparing his former boss to accused sex offender Bill Cosby and praising Fox host Megyn Kelly for being the one to “slay the dragon in the end.”

Beck linked on his Facebook page to an article by Gabriel Sherman in New York magazine reporting that Kelly had told Fox’s investigators that Ailes sexually harassed her early in her career. The embattled CEO became the subject of an internal investigation by the network’s parent company after former Fox host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against him.

Beck, who left Fox in 2011, posted the following to his Facebook page:

Who would have guessed it would be Megyn Kelly that would slay the dragon in the end. Because she is as smart as she is, she was able to build her own “brand” big enough to not be ruled by fear. Good for her for not running for or to cover.

A very sad ending to a tale that could have been so different. Roger Ailes was a true genius and one of the saddest disappointments in my life. As I have said, there were many reasons I left Fox. Roger was the reason I went, and the biggest reason I left.

He was very powerful, in many ways more powerful than the president and surely more powerful than anyone I have ever met. A spooky amount of power but he could have been a truly great man.

Somewhere, early on I suppose, it all went wrong. I always felt Roger knew I could see through him. It seemed to me that he was a man that in the dead of night knew what he had become and wondered how different it could have been. It was always very sad to think about. In someways, I hoped that I was wrong and he was truly clueless as I thought of the torment of feeling trapped in your patterns and life and not feeling able to begin again with a clean slate.

He was very concerned about how he would be remembered. He wanted to be remembered as a good man. This has destroyed that. Truly unfortunate as he is responsible for so many great moments in history.

Instead, he has become Bill Cosby.

Gretchen Carlson should be commended for having the courage to stand. I don’t think people understand the power that was Roger Ailes.

Total, complete and very far reaching. He question is, does he ride away in the sunset or does he double down and advise Trump?

Can anyone hire him, even Trump with this now out?

My thoughts and prayers are with all of my friends at Fox.

This changes everything. If Donald trump wins the presidency this changes his ability to pressure and bully the media. (I will explain why based on a little read fact buried in a story four months ago, that now you will see and truly understand.

The good news is, Bill Shine is a good man and people have confidence in him. He won’t miss a step.

I have a lot of thoughts to share.