CNN Mocks ‘Aspiring Authoritarian’ Donald Trump for Calling Out ‘Broken, Rigged, Awful’ Status Quo

Scott Olson/Getty Images

CNN’s Gregory Krieg mocks Donald Trump for calling out corrupt political systems and the media that protects them:

If you take Donald Trump at his word, making America great again is going to be quite a chore.

The Republican nominee is selling an apocalyptic vision — the US as an impoverished hellscape beset by bloodthirsty urban anarchists, a terrorist fifth column, and the machinations of globalist elites.

Even the most mundane institutions are cast as symbols of existential rot. At every turn, Trump finds another “broken,” “rigged” and “disastrous” policy to undo or abolish. Real worries and legitimate concerns share space — sometimes lines in a single speech — with Trump’s dark fantasies.

And like so many aspiring authoritarians before him, the candidate is also consistent on another point: channeling scapegoats and delivering a promise that “I alone can fix it.”

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