Media Gleefully Link Statue of Liberty Blackout to ‘Women’s March’

Dark Statue of Liberty

Several spotlights that illuminate the Statue of Liberty in New York City went dark late Tuesday night, and a multitude of mainstream media outlets tied what appears to be a technical glitch to the left-wing #DayWithoutAWoman protests.

The Washington Post posited that “Lady Liberty was either protesting President Trump generally and, more specifically, his travel ban just a day after he signed the revised executive order limiting entry to the United States from six Muslim-majority countries.”

“… or she was signaling her solidarity with #DayWithoutWomen, a strike scheduled for Wednesday that asks women to skip work to show the world what life would be like without them,” the Post added.

The Associated Press posted raw video of the hour-long outage.

The “unplanned” outage, a National Park Service official said, “was most likely due to work related to an ongoing project to activate a new emergency backup generator which is part of our last remaining Hurricane Sandy recovery projects.”

But that didn’t stop journalists from firing off their feminism-inspired hot takes.

“The very first participant in the Day Without A Woman strike on Wednesday was none other than New York’s most illustrious female, the Lady of Liberty,” writes L.A. Times reporter Barbara Demick.

Other media, including ABC NewsCBS News, and NPR, highlighted social media users who speculated that the Lady Liberty blackout was in celebration of International Women’s Day.

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