Scarborough Blames The Media’s Lack Of Coverage On Obama’s Foreign Policy Errors On… Romney


What’s so appalling about Joe Scarborough is that one day, probably after his old MSNBC primetime show “Scarborough County” flopped, he made a conscious decision to seek fame and money by allowing the media to use him against his own party and country.

Some conservatives are just media dupes. Not Joe Scarborough. His selling out was a business plan.

And today, rather than admonish a media well into day three of using Romney’s criticism of the Cairo Embassy apology as a way to distract from issues such as the lack of Marines protecting our Libyan consulate, Scarborough blamed Romney for this — saying if he hadn’t been so stupid the media would’ve focused on Obama’s blunders.

Scarborough knows this is a lie. He watches the media and is well aware that if the media hadn’t used Romney’s perfectly reasonable criticism as a distraction device, the media would’ve found something else to distract with.

But, you now, Scarborough has a business plan and he’s sticking to it.


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