Andrew Sullivan Steps Back Out On the Ledge

Can you believe there was a time when Andrew Sullivan got away with describing himself as a conservative Republican?

Anyway, Sully’s bordering on panic aagain, and for good reason: He’s one of the few leftists out there not trying to fool himself into thinking Romney’s momentum has slowed:

There seems increasingly little doubt to me that Romney has the momentum now, and that October 3 was indeed the moment this election completely re-shaped itself. None of the Screen shot 2012-10-22 at 10.23.00 AMproposals domestically add up (which means much more Republican-driven debt); we will be soon engaged in a protracted war against Iran, regardless of the views of the American public (more debt, untold damage to the global economy, a wave of renewed Jihadism to be met with more bombs and restored torture); millions will soon lose the only decent chance they had for health insurance, and those of us with pre-existing conditions will remain vulnerable to bankrupting ourselves if we ever lose private insurance for a period; but we sure will have more battleships for the long hoped-for neocon Cold War with China. And billionaires sure won’t pay more to help out.

I only included the rant after his admission that Romney still has momentum because it’s in the rant we smell THE FEAR. 

Smells like … victory.