Politico’s Alex Burns Mocks WaPo’s Jennifer Rubin

Now that Romney’s looking like he could win this thing, there’s a frustration bubbling with the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin bubbling up among some in the corrupt media. Yesterday, on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” the execrable David Schuster could hardly hold his venom as he allowed his personal anger at Rubin to collapse what was supposed to be a panel-like discussion about Candy Crowley’s performance as moderator at Tuesday night’s debate. 

Today, Politico’s Alex Burns shared a snicker at Rubin’s expense with — get this — a Daily Kos senior editor:


Where exactly does this frustration coming from?

For starters, it’s coming from the fact that Romney’s looking like he could win and Rubin has been a warrior for him going all the way back to the primaries. Using her “Right Turn” perch at the “Washington Post,’ Rubin’s openly defended her man, held the line, and helped to puncture a number of phony media Narratives manufactured to benefit Obama. And it’s just a fact that when you’re as deep in the tank for Obama as Schuster and Burns obviously are, you’re going to be frustrated with someone like that.

Moreover, Rubin shames phonies like Schuster and Burns — those who pose as “objective” journalists as they do everything in their power to carry Obama’s water. Rubin doesn’t hide her agenda. Rubin hides behind nothing.  She declares her politics upfront for all the world to see. That’s something that should be celebrated. Same with her WaPo counterpart, Greg Sargent, who writes openly from a pro-Obama viewpoint at The Plum Line.

You see, Burns doesn’t have the courage or the integrity of either Sargent or Rubin. Instead of coming out with his obvious left-wing bias and defending his beliefs as Sargent and Rubin do, he cowers behind a phony shield of “objectivity” at the corrupt and increasingly irrelevant Politico and hurls rocks at Romney and his supporters while softly fingering his HOPE pin.

Here’s my favorite example of Burns’ hack-work.