Obama Losing Post-Debate Fact Check Battle

Everyone knows how much I hate these corrupt media fact-checkers, but right now they are being hoisted by their own left-wing petard because it was Obama who told lie after lie after lie last night. And late last night and first thing this morning, a very unhappy media is finding itself in the terrible position of having to say Romney told the truth and Obama lied.

Obama lied about sequestration.

Obama lied about leaving forces in Iraq.

Obama lied about the trade deficit with China.

Obama lied about Mitt Romney’s position on “letting Detroit go bankrupt.”

Obama lied about al-Qaeda being on the rise, specifically in Iraq.

Obama lied about Romney calling Russia a threat as opposed to Iran.

In the twelve hours since the debate, all of these issues have been repeatedly litigated on the cable nets, even MSNBC, while Romney has won an awful lot of “mostly trues.”

The media is trying to hit Romney for moderating his views, but this isn’t hitting home because most people understand that Romney is reverting to his true more moderate self.