BuzzFeed Buries Allred ‘October Surprise’ Scoop

Just a few minutes ago I published an exclusive report about the women behind the Obama campaign’s bubbling “October Surprise” against Mitt Romney. As I’m sure you’ve already heard, Obama’s pal Gloria Allred is trying to do to Romney what Obama did to a U.S. Senate opponent back in his Chicago days. Behind all of it is a woman named Maureen Sullivan, but for some reason BuzzFeed Politics buried a pretty big scoop on her — a scoop on a story that’s captured everyone’s imagination going on a week now.

Moreover, today the Allred story really kicked into gear when motions were filed to unseal Sullivan’s two-decade old divorce records, that she believes are damaging to Mitt Romney. And yet, when handed verifiable proof she’s a anti-Mormon bigot, BuzzFeed buried the news under this ridiculous headline:

Staples Founder’s Ex-Wife Blasted “Crazy” Mormonism

You would think s site named BuzzFeed would want some actual “buzz” over this kind of a scoop, and yet the headline is meaningless to anyone who doesn’t understand the nuances and details of the story behind the story.

A site that wanted some real buzz would’ve written a headline that included Allred’s name and the term “October Surpeise” — you know, like our headline.

*EXCLUSIVE* Anti-Mormon Bigot Behind Obama/Allred ‘October Surprise’

But BuzzFeed Politic doesn’t seem at all interested in getting any “buzz” out of their story if it means that in order to do so they must clearly and forcefully advertise something negative that might undermine Obama’s Hail Mary.