Day Two: CNN’s Obama Shill Jim Acosta Hits Romney with Mourdock In Every Report

Obama shill Jim Acosta is CNN’s Romney correspondent — the guy who trails and reports on the candidate throughout the day. If you don’t know Acosta by name, you probably remember the infamous moment where he asked Romney if he could defeat the first black president and still govern black people.

Acosta is The Worst.

Today, Acosta’s on a campaign every bit as relentless as Obama’s to win the president the women’s vote. Even though no one in the real world cares anymore about what Richard Mourdock said about abortion and rape, in every single report on Romney, Acosta adds something like this:

But one inconvenient flash-point for Governor Romney is Indiana candidate Richard Mourdock’s comments about rape… And blah, blah, my gawd I love Barack, blah….

CNN lost interest in the Libya emails around 3Pm yesterday, but thanks to corrupt correspondents like Acosta, the Mourdock Horse will probably have life all the way to election day.