Tagg-Truther: ‘WaPo’ Joins Fever Swamp Laying Groundwork For Ohio Post-Election Challenge

The media continues to quietly lay the groundwork for a post-election challenge in Ohio should Romney win the presidency. Yesterday, it was the Washington Post joining NBC News:

Hart InterCivic is an Austin-based voting machine company that serves local governments nationwide. Its clients include Hamilton County, Ohio, which administers elections in Cincinnati. Hart InterCivic also has in its DNA just enough traces of Bain & Co. and Mitt Romney campaign donors to trigger serious angst in the liberal blogosphere about the fate of Ohio’s must-have 18 electoral votes.

Breitbart News has already documented both NBC News and Salon jumping on this crazy bandwagon and the motivation behind it:

It’s pretty obvious what’s going on here. As of today, it looks as though everything is going to come down to a close race in Ohio, and what you have is a major news network back-filling a way to contest and muddy the waters should the race in the Buckeye State end up a squeaker or, Heaven forbid, end up being contested.

Shameless behavior from a shameless media that surprises absolutely no one.