The Pew Poll the Corrupt Media Ignores

Whenever Pew drops a piece of juicy-juice showing Obama wildly ahead here, there and everywhere, the corrupt media holds the poll up as though it were The Sacred Idol Of All That Is Good And True. But here’s one Pew Poll no one outside of New Media as said word one about:

According to new research from Pew, however, the Democrats’ advantage evaporated in October. With less than two weeks to go, the GOP has a substantial lead in voter enthusiasm.

At the close of the two parties’ conventions, 66% of Democrats said they were interested in the coming election, against just 50% of Republicans. Today, however, the same 66% of Democrats express interest, but GOP interest has rocketed to 73%, a 23-point movement. Moreover, Independents’ interest in the election has also increased markedly, rising from 45% in September to 56% today. Virtually every poll shows Romney with the advantage among Independents.

There’s one very simple reason the corrupt media’s ignoring this rather important piece of historical political news  – this is the same media lying to us with polls that show just the opposite in their manufactured polling samples. 

According to state polls,the media holds dear, Obama will increase his unprecedented 2008 turnout advantage. Why just yesterday, Time Magazine dropped some juicy-juicery that claimed Obama will increase his turnout advantage in Ohio from D+5 in 2008 to D+ 9 in 2012.

Because the media is lying about these individual swing state turnout advantages for Obama, the media can’t tell the truth about a real surge in Republican enthusiasm.