Watch CNN's Carol Costello & Guest Trash Billy Graham as Senile Puppet

In the closing days of the campaign, what I’m seeing even more of in the media is that left-wing guests are all served up softballs that allow them to launch into their talking points. With the race so close and the stakes so high, no one in the corrupt media is even pretending to challenge Obama surrogates. 

This morning on CNN, the execrable, unwatchable, smug and sanctimonious Carol Costello serves one a sweet softball for her pro-Obama guest, Reverend Markel Hutchins, to assassinate the character of Rev. Billy Graham.

This is one of the ugliest thing I’ve seen thus far from our media — which is saying a lot. The sad thing is that we have 12 days to go and if Obama shills like Costello have hit bottom, they’re only going to start digging out a new bottom.

Costello’s most absurdly stupid moment, though, is her asking a pro-Obama Reverend if it’s wrong for REVEREND Graham to get political.