ObamaMedia to Sandy Victims: Water Is Only 36 Hours Away!

Though Katrina required CorruptMedia hysterics to leave the penthouses of Manhattan and venture into Red State America — that they did, and in droves.

And yet, no one in the Corrupt Media seems to want to report on what’s happening in their own backyard. Satisfied by Obama’s 90-minute visit to New Jersey and the sight of the President and Christ Christie swapping spit, the current plight of Staten Island Sandy victims matters not even a little bit to those in media desperate to drag Obama over the reelection finish line.

Stories of FEMA mishaps abound, from a lack of positioning with vital supplies to FEMA representatives themselves not having enough gasoline to visit and get the paperwork started for the tens of thousands shivering in the cold without power and basic necessities.

But like Libya, the CorruptMedia is part of the cover up — completely unwilling to make the kind of stink that might move things along –completely unwilling to drive a few miles and do the kind of reporting that would most certainly knock the shine off Obama’s media-manufactured Sandy triumph.

This won’t last forever, though. The polls close in about 36 hours.

So hang in there Sandy victims! The media will start pressuring FEMA soon!