Republicans Maintain Early Vote Lead in Colorado

Libya, Sandy, and actual early vote hard counts  — three stories the CorruptMedia doesn’t want to talk about.

Oh, the CorruptMedia will talk all day about early voting in the context of juicy-juiced polls, many of which greatly exaggerate what we know to be the actual percentage of voters who voted early. But the actual hard counts of early votes make them uncomfortable because they violate the rules of the Obama-Will-Win-Narrative.

But that’s why the Good Lord invented New Media; so we could get you actual facts and figures — and here are the latest early vote counts out of Colorado:

The party breakdown by those who have already voted is: Republicans, 624,788; Democrats, 590,417; and unaffiliated voters, 474,437.

Yes, that’s correct, we’re actually winning the early vote wars in Colorado. And in Iowa, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, we are improving where we were in 2008 and Obama is doing worse.

Don’t tell the CorruptMedia, though, they have Obama talking points to memorize and Mormons to trash.