We’re All Poll ‘Truthers’ Now!

Today, all around the media landscape, we have finally come together to become Poll Truthers — those who dare question the results of polls based on their methodology.

Just a few weeks ago, anyone in New Media who dared question the juicy-juiced-juicery being released from the likes of Quinnipiac, Marist, or CNN, found themselves mocked, ridiculed, denigrated, and dismissed by the likes Dave Weigel, John J. Harwood, and the insufferable Morning Joe crew.

Oh, but what a difference a few weeks makes.

Today, all the CorruptMedia talk is about methodology, the potential shape of the electorate, and how if turnout looks more like ’04 than ’08, the pollsters could be wrong.

Well, gasp and egads.

Isn’t that all we were saying in October as the craven and CorruptMedia pointed and laughed?

Why, yes — yet, it was.

Yesterday, CNN released a national D+11 poll showing the race tied but Romney up 22-points with Independents. This morning there was a New Hampshire poll showing Romney winning Indies by 14-points but losing 50-46%.

The top lines of these polls always-always-always show Obama winning by a couple in most of the swing states. But the internals, the results that can’t be juicy-juiced away, point to a potential Romney blow out.

Unless, of course, the electorate looks like 2008.