Final Battleground Poll: Tied at 47; Romney Up 15 With Indies

In the national polls, Barack Obama has had a difficult time hitting the magic 50% mark. Romney not so much.

This morning we have a brand new poll (you can’t imagine how much I’m not going to miss having to type that for another two years); another juicy-juiced piece of juicery from Politico that assures us the race is tied at 47%, even though Romney is winning Independents by 15 points, 47-32%.

Romney and Obama are tied at 50% in favorability; Obama is viewed unfavorably by 48% of voters, Romney 47%; Obama’s job approval/disapproval is tied at 49. 

The good news for Obama is that he’s up 49-43% in the battleground states.

The great news for Romney is that he’s up 51-48% among those who have already voted and intensity is on his side. Among those considered “most likely” to vote, Romney leads 51-48%. Romney leads 51-45% on the economy and creating job,s and 53% disapprove of Obama’s handling of the economy.

Most incredibly, on the question of who shares your values, Obama only leads by one.

The Party ID appears to be D+4.